Quality custom leather belts and goods made by Shea Nyquist.  These belts are created from a hand-picked, high quality double shoulder cow hide.  They are custom cut and specially tooled for your specific needs.  Loud and fashionable or modest and simple, these belts will out last any store bought brand and provide a unique, one-off touch.



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All of my products are hand cut, tooled and stained. They are all designed with a person's specific taste and style in consideration. I try very hard to make sure that I am providing exactly what you want. If you decide that you can not live with out one of my belts, we will be conversing via email until I am confident that you are going to possibly soil yourself in excitement when you recieve your finely crafted product.

Contact Shea for orders and options, Or reach me at BeltsByShea@gmail.com

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